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what's the buzz about honey in body care?

Raw honey is nature’s most perfect gift.  When consumed, it aids the digestive tract and often calms an upset stomach.  When used on the skin, it has   natural  anti-irritant and anti-bacterial properties that will help to sooth and heal inflamed, irritated or damaged skin. But not all honey is the same.  Most honey purchased from stores is not raw honey and has been pasteurized - thus killing most of the honey’s benefits due to the heating process.  To ensure the best quality honey, support your local beekeeper. 
Honey has long been used as a beauty 
ingredient. Historical references about honey’s use appear throughout ancient Egyptian times, including Cleopatra’s famous milk and honey baths.  Honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture.  Because of this, it is a perfect ingredient for creams and lotions and is suitable for every skin type, especially sensitive and dry skin.
All creams and lotions crafted at The Natural Bee contain at least 2% raw honey harvested from our hives.